I, Micahael Phillips was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, my parents divorced when I was 7 years old. From then I was raised by my mother and two loving Grandmothers that I refer to both as Big Mama.''

I grew up on the eastside of Fort Worth in a tough community called Stop 6, because it was the 6th bus stop. I always had a concept for business at 10, I would always win in monoply against my brother and mother. Even though I was book smart, I barely graduated high school from Dunbar High School from staying in trouble, skipping school and running the streets.

I was attracted to the street life as a means for a better life. I eventually saw through trial and error that there was a better plan through business and real estate. I was intoduced to real investor Louie Ruiz, and Louie would allow me to watch and learn the way he did real estate. After a year under Louie tutelage, I bought my first house at the age of 19 and soon there after I invested into a nightclub at the age of 20.

After a successful club run of a year I sold my pertcentage to a partner. I tried several other businesses that failed, and was back in the streets. At 24 I decided to marry Jeffery Lynn Phillips and we had 2  beautiful kids Jordan and Kennedy. When my son Jordan was born, I looked in the mirror and knew every decision I made from this point would not only affect me but my son. So I begin to focus on building a legitimate sustainable business that could support my family.

So I always had the idea of buying and selling real estate, and decided to give it my full dedication. I started going to the foreclosure auctions researching, and did not buy a house from there until after a year of going. Once i started buying there I gained confidence and started buying more and more, and developed a system of flipping houses. I have been buying and selling for over 18 years and have brought and sold over 1000 homes to date.

Unfortunately in 2016 I suddenly lost my wife and mother of my children Jeffrey Phillips and through this difficult time the flexible schedule that real estate offers made it possible in becoming a single parent and being able to provide a solid income for me and my family.